You can count on us for prompt and courteous service when you call. Explain the reason for your call to the receptionist and she will direct you to the right person. If you need to talk to medical staff, they will return your call as time permits, to avoid interrupting care of patients who are in office. In urgent and emergency medical situations, please call 911 or proceed to the hospital emergency room. Whenever calling us, please have your current medications and pharmacy phone number at hand. After office hours, our answering service can be reached by calling 407-804-6002. For routine matters, please call during working hours.


Our office is not equipped to handle medical emergencies. Therefore in case of emergencies please call 911 or proceed to nearby emergency room. Be sure to tell the attending physician the names and dosage of all medication you are taking. If you need emergency hospitalization, primary care physician or hospital physician will take care of that. If the primary care physician or hospital physician wants to consult us, we are available. If you are hospitalized in connection with asthma and allergies, contact us as soon as possible after discharge, so your ongoing treatment can be adjusted. For acute asthma and allergy problem which are not an emergency, you may call us. If you need to see us, please call us early in day. At any time your chronic asthma or allergy symptoms are not under control, medications are not helping, you suspect side effect or problems from allergy injections or medications prescribed by us, and you must call us so your treatment can be adjusted.

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Lake Mary  – (407) 804-6002

Orange City – (386) 774-1221